On Netflix: Snowpiercer

I’ve been wanting to review this movie for a while now. I’ve seen it three times on Netflix already, and if someone ever wanted to watch it with me, I’d see it a fourth time.

Snowpiercer is my favorite thing I’ve ever discovered on Netflix. It is relatively simplistic in its approach, but it’s still an exceptionally powerful movie. To explain it as vaguely as possible, it’s about a society that lives their entire life in a moving train because the rest of the world is frozen over.

The performances in this movie are great. Chris Evans manages to pull an amazing performance despite not really being that much different from other lead roles. Every other actor, from Tilda Swinton to John Hurt, does a really impressive job with the roles they are given. One thing I appreciate about these kind of movies is the subtle execution of certain elements. There are plenty of times where a character does or says something that doesn’t necessarily forward the story, but develops a character in a rich, authentic, nearly effortless way. I wish more movies knew how to do things subtly instead of needing to spell things out for the audience.

Snowpiercer is a tale of human suffering and redemption, and there are times in the movie where I can’t help but cheer the protagonists on. This movie also has a lot to say about society, the way it works and the way others are oppressed while others are at the top. The message isn’t original, but the movie portrays it in a unique way.


The movie isn’t the best at having everything make logical sense, but considering it is about an entire society that lives on a train 24/7, it is almost entirely forgivable in my opinion.

I kind of wish they threw out the intro to this movie that explains why the world is the way it is using “news” soundbites and footage. It’s so overdone and cliche by now, and the director could have just used dialogue to explain what happened; the director did so with every other detail in the movie, so he could have done it with this detail as well. There is also a couple of action scenes with obnoxious shaky cam.


All in all, however, this movie is an amazing viewing experience with excellent acting, powerfully emotional scenes, and a very creative premise. This movie made chump change in the American Box Office, and it’s a damn shame. However, as far as I can tell, it isn’t leaving Netflix anytime soon, so do yourself a favor and watch it, and I’m giving this movie an 8 out of 10.