On Netflix: Chef

There’s a bit in this movie with a jerk food blogger, and all I could think was, “If this whole film review thing keeps going, is this what I’m going to become?”


Considering this movie is about a chef, the whole premise of “Chef” seemed to be built around food at first. And while this movie does have a lot of food in it (and thank God they actually sound like they know what they’re talking about when they do talk food), this movie is really about the lead character’s priorities, and how he unsuccessfully tries to manage them.

And honestly, this movie is pretty good.


John Favreau does a really fantastic job as the lead; I was interested in how he developed as a professional chef and as a human being throughout the whole entire movie. The majority of the performances in Chef are great. In general, I thought the whole movie was a pretty well done, independent comedy with enough heart to feel genuine, but not too much heart to where the movie comes across as extremely cliche and cheesy (though there are a few cheesy parts, the movie tones it down to a minimum).

I want to know how much Twitter paid them in product placement. I was surprised at how many times the movie references Twitter, and there is actually some commentary about technology in general. When I first noticed the commentary, I was afraid Chef was going to go into preachy territory, but thankfully, it doesn’t get to that point.


The child actor who plays Carl Casper’s (Favreau) son in the movie was acceptable in his role. However, as is the case with most child actors, when a certain scene demanded that he pull a great performance, it was really, really difficult for me to take him seriously.

Sofía Vergara also does a pretty decent job, but I was unsuccessful in divorcing her role in this movie from her obnoxious role in Modern Family (and from what I’ve heard, her role in that comedy she co-starred in with Reese Witherspoon).

I also found the soundtrack of this movie to be mostly obnoxious. It would be one thing, though, if I simply did not have an appreciation for that type of music genre, but quite a few songs in the movie are so loud that it almost completely muffles some of the dialogue.


However, Chef was still pretty solid. This movie will make you really hungry with all the food they show, and there is a decent amount of celebrity cameos to surprise you. I’m glad I am finally able to take this one out of my Netflix queue, and I’m giving this movie a 7 out of 10.