Review: Deadpool

It was excruciatingly hard for me to get into the mindset to see this movie. With all of these people who saw it yesterday and ranted to me about how amazing Deadpool was, I was trying not to hop on the hype train. Hopping on the hype train does one of two equally horrendous things: it drastically increases your expectations of a movie and thus ruins any chance of enjoying it, OR it places fanboy blinders on you.

And the worst thing, in my opinion, that a movie reviewer can do is put freaking fanboy blinders on.


Thankfully, I was able keep my expectations realistic and can still say that Deadpool is an absolute blast.


What the movie needed to do in order to be great was to stay true to the Deadpool character, and thank God almighty that is what they did… for the most part. I’ll get to “the most part” in a minute.

Now if you don’t know who Deadpool is and are thinking about seeing this movie, here’s your warning: Deadpool is an extremely violent, hyper sexual, crude psychopath. Hence, this movie has a lot of blood and violence, it has sex and nudity, and it has cursing. If any of that bothers you, don’t see this movie. (Also, a reader asked me a question I wanted to address: Yes, there’s some gore in the movie. No, it’s not very often or over the top.)


Now Deadpool is a comic character that’s dear to me because of how unique he is. The way he cracks jokes in the midst of being beaten up, shot, slashed, etc. makes for a very fun and interesting character. But what really makes Deadpool stand out to me is that he is the only Marvel character that breaks the fourth wall. Every comic, video game, and now movie that he’s in, he starts having conversations with the audience. And every time he does it in this movie, it’s freaking hilarious. The reason I love this so much is that it plays on the fact that Deadpool is mentally psychotic. Or is he? Is he the only Marvel character who knows he lives in a comic/game/movie, or is it part of his insanity? Who knows?


The beginning intro to this movie is also absolute genius. It sucked me into the overall tone of the movie right off the bat, and it pokes fun at the fact that this movie is even a thing at all. This movie does this often, and I really appreciated the fact that  it didn’t take itself very seriously.


This film also made me feel things I wasn’t expecting to feel. During the scenes where Wade Wilson gains his powers that make him Deadpool drew out an unprepared range of emotions, especially considering the rest of the movie is focused on the dark, crude humor.



An unfortunate drawback to this movie was the constant barrage of commercials I was subjected to months before tonight. I normally try to avoid commercials for movies as much as I can because otherwise, when the commercial scenes happen in the movie, it doesn’t feel new or fresh at all.  But unfortunately, I’ve had Deadpool commercials shoved down my throat for the past half year or so. I’ve heard every joke that the previews contain over a dozen times, so when I finally get to hear them in the movie, they weren’t funny. It was a very good thing that there’s a lot more humor in Deadpool that the commercials didn’t run into the ground, otherwise this movie would have been less of an experience.


Also, the movie did exactly what I hoped it wouldn’t do: make the love story a prominent part of the movie. They made it clear in the trailers that this would happen, but I was somehow hoping they were just trying to trick a subset of audience that wouldn’t have come in otherwise. This is the most disappointing thing about the entire film because there is no freaking love story anywhere else in the Deadpool universe, so the parts where the love story takes precedent are the worst parts of the movie.

The love story is made as Deadpool-ish as possible (it gives the opportunity for some extremely crude scenes and jokes), but the fact of the matter is I knew exactly why the love story existed in the first place: as a lazy way to make the character more relatable, therefore drawing a larger audience who wouldn’t have seen the movie otherwise. Sadly, Deadpool will be another film to add to the pile of movies that shoe in an unnecessary love interest for the sake of broader appeal. It bummed me out.


That being said, the criticisms I have do not harm the overall film very much. For the most part, I got what I was hoping for out of this movie. And on top of that, we now have a successful Rated R superhero movie that will hopefully be a shadow of things to come: hero movies with more spine. Hopefully the sequel will be able to avoid falling into the tired tropes that this movie fell into. In any case, if you love Deadpool I would recommend you go to the theaters as soon as possible, and I’m giving this movie an 7 out of 10.