Review: The Boss

Somewhere down the line between Mike and Molly, and when someone decided she needed to be in movies, Melissa McCarthey seems to have decided that she would now only accept roles that enabled her to curse frequently and talk about her vagina. I remember the first movie of hers I saw; my mom really loved the lightheartedness of Mike and Molly, so when she found out that McCarthey would be in a movie with Sandra Bullock (The Heat), she had me go see it with her. And boy, if you have a Christian mother that hates vulgarity, The Heat is an awkward movie to watch.


Likewise, The Boss is more of the same: McCarthey plays a tasteless character who talks in swears and sexual terms, and she plays in a movie with a script that has never heard of the word “subtlety” before. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can take watching crappy comedies anymore; I find that all the excitement I have for writing about movies has dissipated because I paid money to see yet another sloppy mess that wasn’t funny.


Out of all the actors casted into this schlock, Melissa McCarthey was the only one that was remotely interesting and humorous, and even then, she provided the bare minimum of both of these elements, because whenever she had a line or a scene that had some traces of humor, the movie almost immediately followed up with another scene that was cliche, uninspired, or bottom-of-the-barrel potty humor.




The development of every single character seemed to be dependent on what joke they needed to set up next, making every single character, including McCarthey’s, largely unrealistic.


When we first get introduced to Kristen Bell’s daughter, she refuses to let McCarthey in her house because she’s “a stranger” and “a criminal”. Now, they can make jokes about Bell’s daughter yelling about McCarthey’s criminal history which is bound to frighten passing bystanders, how hilarious.

And in the very next scene with the daughter in it, when Kristen Bell comes home and lets McCarthey in, Bell’s daughter is practically begging her mom to let McCarthey stay on the couch. Why? I couldn’t think of any reason why aside from the plot needing McCarthey to stay at Bell’s house.


There are so many scenes like this where a character suddenly breaks what was originally developed about them by doing something that contradicts what was originally developed for the sake of setting up a stupid joke or moving the plot along.


Peter Dinklage (yes… he’s in this movie) is the worst example of this. There’s a scene where he’s fighting McCarthey with a sword because he hates her and wants to kill her, and then they fall on top of each other, and Dinklage suddenly becomes overcome with sexual desires. And then when they get back up, he becomes hateful again and tries to kill her. This is lazy, sloppy moviemaking at its finest.


Kristen Bell plays a walking, cardboard cliche. The only definable traits that she has in the entire film is A. She’s a single mother, and B. She’s pretty weary of McCarthey’s vulgar antics. There’s literally scenes in this movie where McCarthey does something obscene, and Bell’s character is there solely to whine about how “this isn’t what normal people would do.” Is this what the common man finds funny? Because I see this awful dialogue in so many movies, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe there’s a segment of the population that loves this garbage, or maybe Hollywood is that inept at figuring out what comedy really is.

And speaking of something that I see in every movie, I was shocked (SHOCKED) to find out that they decided to have Mellisa McCarthey and Kristen Bell get into a dumb fight that ends their friendship right in between act two and act three of the movie, only to have one of the characters make amends and usher in the final act of the movie. It is getting so old now that I’ve come to expect it. If I only count the movies I’ve reviewed, there are seven with this lazy plot point: The Choice, The 5th Wave, Allegiant, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Zootopia, Dirty Grandpa, and even Gods of Egypt has elements of this tired cliche. Low and behold, all of these movies ranked between a 1 and a 4 for me. What a surprise; I’M GETTING SO SICK OF IT.  Is there no other thing that can usher in the final act? Is there no more original ideas in movies anymore???




Nothing in this movie gets developed properly. Nothing in this movie seems realistic. Nothing in this movie is subtle. It’s just a lazy, messy, sloppy film and I wish I could get my five dollars back. It seems pretty hard to recommend a movie that I saw with an audience that laughed maybe three times in the movie. As for my experience, I chuckled a couple of times and audibly groaned during the rest of this stupid film, and I’m giving this movie a 3 out of 10.