Review: Ratchet & Clank

Man, is it good to be out of school. I honestly have a lot of catching up to do, and I’m not sure how many movies I’ll be able to see before they get out of theaters. Now that I’m out for the summer, there’s going to be a lot more postings.


I started vacation off by seeing this movie, and it was a mixed bag. As someone who has never played any of the video games, I cannot say for certain if it holds true to the source material, but from what little I’ve seen from the commercials and seeing friends play once or twice, I am relatively sure it stays true to the source material.




Of course, the source material matters less than the real question one should ask every film: does it stand out on its own? And the answer for Ratchet & Clank is “kind of”.


The humor in this movie works out relatively well for a slight majority of the scenes. There’s enough self-awareness in this movie to garner appreciation from mature audiences. I, for one, enjoyed the satirical comedy this movie has to offer in regards to society as a whole and celebrity culture. The commentary is not “Zootopia” obvious (then again, no movie is “Zootopia” obvious), so it works well without ever coming off as preachy.




Both the voice acting and the animation are decent. They were able to cast the original voices of Ratchet & Clank and they even got a few well known actors to voice side characters.


There are also a few sentimental scenes that go beyond the scope of the constant comedy this movie has to offer, but those scenes are few and far between.



Unfortunately, the humor in this movie is almost non-stop. Many of the jokes, especially during the beginning of the movie, sabotage the likability of the entire film. It seems that for every joke that has enough self-awareness and maturity to be enjoyable, there’s a joke that shows a depressing lack of self-restraint. Many comedies like this seem to not be able to comprehend that it’s not just about making a joke; it’s about the execution, timing, and delivery of that joke.


There is also a decent amount of plot elements and sequences that were lazily created. It certainly helps that the movie doesn’t take itself very seriously at all, but there are plenty of movies that do not take itself too seriously and still put a lot of thought into the execution of these elements. Ratchet & Clank occasionally throws plot elements in its story thoughtlessly.


With all that being said, I was surprised at how many times I laughed at this movie. Ratchet & Clank does get better as the movie progresses; the majority of what’s wrong with the film seems to be at the beginning. If you have kids and want to bring them to a movie that’s safe, tame, and inconsequential, I would recommend this movie. If you’re a fan of the games, I would imagine that you would enjoy the film as well. I had a good time with Ratchet & Clank myself despite the flaws it has, and I’m giving this movie an ever-so-slightly generous 6 out of 10.