Review: Captain America: Civil War

Before I watched this movie, I quickly viewed the general consensus from all the critics I watch. The vast majority of them all gave unabashed praise to Captain America: Civil War. This poses an issue for me, because I am obnoxiously cautious about fanboying over nerd culture films. I really don’t like it when a good nerd movie is given too much credit simply because it’s a good nerd movie.

So when I heard all the overwhelming positive feedback about Captain America: Civil War, I prepared myself to be as objective as possible.


And jeez, what a surprise, this movie is an overrated piece of garbage.

No, I’m just kidding. Captain America: Civil War was possibly one of the best Marvel Movies to come out in a long time, if not the best Marvel movie to come out. Civil War somehow managed to handle twelve superheroes more properly than Batman v. Superman handled three.




When you have a movie with so many established characters all piled into a movie, you must find a way to make the most of your time and use every character in a way that’s meaningful. Civil War managed to do that exceedingly well. The balancing act is so much more difficult when you realize that every single popular character cannot be a lead but still must be given respect as a character. In this film, Captain America, Ironman, and arguably the Winter Soldier were the lead characters, and they get more screen time than anyone else. However, I never really felt that any character was particularly ignored.




Black Panther was such a fantastic character. With most of the new characters (Antman and Spiderman for example) having such laid-back, non-serious personalities, it was nice to have that offset by a character who took things extremely seriously. Black Panther meant business whenever he was on screen. On top of that, Chadwick Boseman fantastically fulfilled his role, and I thought his performance was great.



I absolutely loved what they did with this Spiderman. After a full decade and three different Spidermen, it was nice to finally get one that cracked more than one joke. This is the Spiderman many of us were waiting for. They do a lot of new things with Tom Holland’s Spiderman that weren’t done with Andrew Garfield’s or Toby Maguire’s Spidermen, and all the changes were fine, in my opinion.


I’m very happy that both of these new characters were given enough screen time for the audience to chew on, and I’m looking forward to how their own movies play out.



The fight scenes in this movie all go down exceptionally well. Because this is a Marvel movie, and they do not necessarily take very many risks, it’s good that they have so much humorous banter back and forth between all of these heroes who all know each other. Because of this, there is at least a lot of enjoyment in the scenes despite there being a minimum amount of tension. I can’t deny that I had an absolute blast seeing all of these characters contrast and interact with each other.


The complaints I have about this movie are all minor and nitpicky, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Really the biggest issue I had was that the general plot, the reason that all of our heroes are fighting each other, doesn’t go extremely deep. However, considering the fact that the main focus was on the characters, and that expanding the general plot in a sufficient way would probably diminish the amount of time that these characters are given, I think the sacrifice was necessary.


I highly recommend Captain America: Civil War. It is extremely exciting and fantastically fun. As hard as I tried, I really could not find any truly objective reasons to criticize this movie. This is the most fun I’ve had in theaters so this year so far. If that means that I fanboyed over Captain America: Civil War, so be it, and I’m giving this movie a 8 out of 10.