Review: Warcraft

So I just saw Warcraft this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised. With all the negative reviews I’ve seen popping up, I cannot help but wonder what exactly people were expecting. For me, I was expecting an average movie with a few fun action scenes, and the movie exceeded my expectations.


Going through some of the reviews, I saw some legitimate criticisms of the movie that I agreed with, but there were so many of them that basically said “I was bored” or as an exacerbatingly shallow film critic I no longer follow on Youtube stated, “We wanted this to be the greatest video game movie that has ever existed”… alright. No wonder you were disappointed, buddy.



And while this movie is certainly not without its flaws, there are plenty of things to enjoy provided you do not come into this movie with unrealistic expectations.


warcraft movie 1.jpg


The fighting scenes in this movie are all well-done. The hits all felt brutal, the choreography was fun to watch, and the actual amount of fighting this movie has is at a satisfactory level. I also very much enjoyed the design and feel of this movie. The human armor, the towering cities, the massive weapons, the large beasts, and the orc physiques all gave this movie a larger-than-life feeling, and when you are a movie based on quite possibly the most popular Massively-Multiplayer-Online game in existence, I felt that it all was very fitting.


The performances ranged anywhere from decent to good, but I really cannot think of anyone who was distractingly terrible. Yeah, there’s some dumb quotes and maybe one or two awkwardly delivered lines, but honestly there are very few bad acting instances anywhere in this movie. Some of the lines of dialogue and a few of the action sequences also have a great sense of humor.


And the CGI was all very well done. Considering much of this movie relies on the use of CGI, it was important that they got it right, and they did. The effects, from the magic spell-casting to the mythical creatures, were all great.





Quite honestly though, the thing that I appreciated most about this movie is that there is a legitimate feeling of consequence; bad things can happen to protagonists that are not immediately fixable. I cannot begin to describe just how refreshing this is for a movie that’s rated PG-13 (and even some Rated R movies completely abandon consequence).

Almost all special-effects heavy fighting movies (like X-Men: Apocalypse or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 for instance) seem to be so afraid of actually having impactful, compelling consequences in their film that it soon becomes impossible to feel any sort of tension in the movie at all. Because Warcraft is not afraid to actually give heroes legitimate loss, the fighting sequences do not feel like a pointless, tiring ordeal.


Warcraft Primer Tráiler26.jpg


My biggest complaint about this movie is that I wish they went into more detail about certain ways this world works. I found a few of the details the movie throws at you to be either confusing or arbitrary. If the movie spent a little bit more time trying to explain some of the things they introduced or explain the reasoning behind certain plans or traditions, then this movie would have been a lot more solid of an experience.


Honestly guys, Warcraft was a fun movie to watch. It might not be some sort of cinematic masterpiece, but take it from me when I say that, aside from Captain America: Civil War (and maybe Deadpool), this is the most fun I have had with an action movie this year. If Warcraft looks interesting to you based on what you see in the trailers, then I highly recommend checking it out, and I’m giving this movie a 7 out of 10.


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