Review: Independence Day: Resurgence

When I discovered that Will Smith was not returning for this movie, I was assuming the worst. I don’t blame the guy; I bet his agent tried to steer him clear of this movie after such hits to his profitability like “After Earth”, “Winter’s Tale”, and “Focus”. I mean before all of these movies, every film he starred in saw major market success; since After Earth, that has not been the case.


After seeing the movie, I think Will Smith made the right decision.


Now what surprised me most about Independence Day: Resurgence was just how much fun I had. The movie is stupid, tiresome, and cliche, but at least it was fun.


I agree with most critics about what’s wrong with the movie all except for the tiresome critique of “sometimes bigger isn’t better”. Excuse me, but the only thing this movie did well was its massive use of CGI. All of the explosions and lasers and space ships and aliens were all really fun to watch, and I cannot really think of any major critiques for their use of CGI. There’s nothing the movie does with it that’s groundbreaking, but I can’t help but feel that it’s the new hip thing for critics to hate on movies that have a massive use of CGI… especially since, in this movie’s case, it has a lot more problems that are way worthier talking about.




Of all the characters this movie has stuffed into it, I found the returning ones the most likable. Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Judd Hirsch were by far the most interesting characters. The reason for this is because the three of them had more definable traits than just “being a good guy”.


By contrast, all of the new people in this entire movie are a bunch of blank slates. Liam Hemsworth did nothing for me. Liam Hemsworth’s friend would have been slightly better if they did not give him such awful dialogue.

Jessie T. Usher was even worse. In the middle of the movie, I gave him the nickname “Commander One-Liner”. Half of his lines are cheesy zingers, and I audibly laughed at quite of a few of them. “It’s the Fourth of July, people. Let’s go show them some fireworks.” Hilarious. He should star in a movie with Captain Exposition as two dopey characters in a horrible buddy-cop movie.
Madam President was uninteresting. What’s worse was that there’s a part of the movie where she’s giving a speech, and I shit you not, I think they intentionally made her sound like Hillary Clinton… well, Hillary Clinton without the shrillness or robot-death-stare. Anyway…


And the Asian girl pilot… holy crap was her acting laughably bad. There’s a scene that required her to show grief and sadness, and she spent the entire scene trying not to smile. It was great.




The only newcomer that was even slightly interesting was Maika Monroe, and even then, the script never required her to pull off an exceptional performance. However, out of all the bland, unexceptional roles this movie gave out, Monroe’s was easily the most enjoyable.


Well… that one African war lord dude was kind of cool… kind of.


The script itself was a huge mess. There is so much lazy expository dialogue, cheesy one-liners, and just bad writing in general. There are a few lines that gave me some legitimate chuckles, but for every good line, there are at least six that are eye-roll worthy.

As the movie progressed, it started to become exceedingly more and more predictable and cliche. Around the mid-point of the movie, I began successfully calling major plot points and twists throughout the movie before they happened.


<Spoiler I guess…> It also really does not do the movie any justice when your characters no longer die off. At first the movie seemed like there was a healthy amount of loss for me to care about the sequence of events, but at one point in the movie, every single non-expendable character started living through every event in the movie. As soon as I realized that no truly important character was going to be harmed anymore, then the suspense completely disappeared. </Spoiler I guess…>




So, Independence Day: Resurgence is a fun-ish summer blockbuster. I had fun with all of the doom and destruction, but aside from that, it is an absolutely terrible movie. If you truly want to go see this one out of love for the original movie, be my guest. However, all of the dull characters, predictability, and horrendous dialogue really makes this movie quite the unpleasant experience, and I’m giving this movie a 3 out of 10.


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