Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

There has not been very much demand for me to see this movie, but as soon as the first trailer hit, and it caused quite the fuss, I immediately decided to see it the very first day I was able to.


Now I know this movie is going to be quite the mixed bag; it seems that when they first announced a “Ghostbusters-but-women” movie, most people already decided they hated this movie, and the rest decided it was going to be an amazing movie.

I started off hating the concept and hating the trailers, but I truly, truly wanted to give this movie a fair shot. If a film produces the merits to make a good movie, who cares about why the film was made? So I convinced my little brother to come see it with me.

(Full disclosure: I have never seen the original Ghostbusters in its entirety, so I cannot speak to how true fans of the original will feel about this movie.)




So the best character in the entire movie was Kristen Wiig. Part of this was because she was by far the least obnoxious character, but she also has the strongest character arc. That being said, I was a bit annoyed that in the first ten minutes of the film, her character basically changes motivation instantaneously because plot.

The main characters, in my opinion, were Wiig and Melissa McCarthy which is probably why they have the most developed relationship.


Speaking of Melissa McCarthy… after the watching The Heat and The Boss, I was terrified that she was going to reprise her role as an inappropriate, loud, annoying person. And even though she kind of starts out like that at the beginning, I was relieved that she finally played a character that was not just some dweeb who curses a bunch and talks about her vagina.


Now unfortunately… there was one character that WAS insufferable.


When searching for pictures for this review, I forgot her actress name, so I just googled “Ghostbuster annoying girl”, and sure enough….




Holy crap was Kate McKinnon ever the worst thing in the entire world. She literally spends the entire movie making banshee noises, performing juvenile antics, unloading an unbearable amount of slapstick humor, and contorting her face to look like she was constantly farting.

There were some scenes where she was fine, but aside from those few moments, she was a detractor in nearly every scene she was in. If they removed her entirely from the film, then I would have given it a better grade.


screen shot 2016-03-03 at 1.54.53 pm.png


Leslie Jones plays your stereotypical “aw-hell-nah” black character. Now stereotypical does not necessarily mean bad; honestly, some of the funniest lines came from Jones. I also appreciated that she was a sort of fish-out-of-water character because the only times when the movie pretended to explain how their science-mumbo-jumbo works, it’s the other women explaining it to Jones.



Aside from that, this movie does nothing to explain the laws and limits to how ghost powers work or how their technology works. Now, I realized this rather quickly, so I decided to watch the movie without expecting explanations to things, but if they did decide to find a clever, or at least coherent explanation to how both worked, then this movie would have gotten a better grade.





Chris Hemsworth’s sole defining traits are that he’s smoking hot and that he’s retarded. This did make for some funny scenes, but it also made for a lot of scenes where I was rolling my eyes, because the movie never tried to make him anything more than a walking punchline.


This film made a lot, A LOT of references and callbacks to the original ghostbusters. I interpreted that as the film laughing at itself (and thankfully, this film did not take itself too seriously and laughed at itself quite a bit), but my brother, who has seen the original movie, found it extremely obnoxious and unnecessary. I’ll let you decide how you feel about the constant callbacks.


The movie soundtrack was annoying.



Basically, what you want from this film is what you’re going to get:

If you want to love this movie, you will probably love it.

If you want to hate this movie, you’ll find plenty of viable reasons to hate it.

If you are like me and want to judge this movie based on its own merits, then this film will be in the middle. This movie is not terrible, but it’s not great. I got the feeling that this movie was not trying to be great though, just entertaining. And entertaining it was (for the most part… excluding Kate McKinnon). However, now that I have gotten this movie out of the way, I do not plan on ever seeing it again, and I’m giving this movie a 5 out of 10.


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