Review: Nerve

This is the first time that I can recall a movie opening on Wednesday afternoon as opposed to Thursday night. I can’t really complain since the only other movies that are out are an animated film that I don’t want to see, and a horror movie that my brother wants to see with me tomorrow. However, I was a bit skeptical due to the… Young-Adulty-ness that exuded from the trailers.


But out of all the YA movies I’ve seen this year, this one is definitely the best… granted, it’s only slightly better than say The 5th Wave or Allegiant, but honestly, even though the movie was bad, at least I had a lot of fun with it (even if half of the fun is laughing at the movie’s expense). I cannot say the same for the other two.


The concept alone for the movie is a pretty neat idea. They still tackle the concept with the YA kiddy gloves I am too accustomed to, but at least it was a more unique concept than end-of-the-world or simply-a-love-story.


Emma Roberts was surprisingly alright in her role, and I found her character to be the most interesting and fun to watch (mainly because Dave Franco plays yet another role with  very few defining character traits). Her role greatly benefits from one of her traits being an “awkward teenager”. This made a lot of the cringy dialogue pieces she had almost acceptable because it felt like it was part of the character instead of the script just being a pile of poop.


And honestly, it was rather intriguing to watch this quiet, awkward, spineless girl change because of all the things the game was making her do.


While Roberts’ character does have the most awkward and cringy dialogue pieces, the overall script is pretty lame. Half of my laughing was done because the dialogue was awful and not because the movie intended for me to laugh. I was in a theatre full of teenagers, so I tried really hard not to ruin the movie for them, but good God, did Nerve make that a daunting challenge.




The stylistic choices in this movie are also acceptable. There is so many neon-colored things, and it gave the movie a very vibrant feeling.


As for the soundtrack, I found it absolutely stomach-churning, but I am willing to chalk this up to a subjective criticism because the music did fit with the overall tone of the movie (Not to mention I am an 80-year-old man when it comes to my tastes in music).


There are quite a few conveniences in the movie, some of which I thought would have a thoughtful explanation to later on, but lo and behold, the movie did not have as much forethought as I thought it would; the conveniences are never explained, and you’re left with plot pieces I guess you’re not supposed to think about.




I don’t really think the below paragraph is spoiler-ish, but I’ll just put a warning there just in case because I am going to talk about my feelings about the ending of the movie in vague terms.


<Spoiler?> So in my opinion, the whole last act of the movie was extremely convenient, forced, cringy, and slightly preachy. I think the weakest act is the final one, and I may have considered giving Nerve a higher grade if the ending wasn’t so painful. </Spoiler?>


In the end, Nerve was a fun and exciting movie that is weighed down by a bad script and a slightly convenient plot. As a YA movie, I would consider it to be good. As a normal movie, I would consider it to be stupid. It is not going to receive a higher grade than say, Star Trek Beyond (because Star Trek Beyond was a more well made movie), but honestly, at least Nerve was way more fun to watch. If you’re a fan of YA movies, or are the target demographic for YA movies, then I would recommend this movie. If you do not fit into either category, I would probably steer clear of this one.

4 out of 10