Review: Sausage Party

Holy crap, guys.


I’m not even sure where to start this review. My rating for this movie has been tossing around in my head ever since I walked out of the theatre, but I don’t even think I’ll know what to give it until I’m finished writing this review.


What the movie set out to do was to be uproariously offensive, and it succeeded. It is so offensive that I have never been quite this uncomfortably shocked at a movie since the first time I saw Pulp Fiction.




Although quite a bit of this offensive humor works, there was never a moment in time where I was laughing hysterically. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of the jokes were so obvious. I mean, when the main characters of the movie are a bun named Brenda and a hot dog named Frank (though they call him a sausage because it makes certain sentences more humorous…), I doubt anyone expected this movie to be subtle. The movie posters were basically as close as you can get to a penis without actually showing one.




But it’s not just the jokes that are obvious, but also the political commentary. This film takes shots at religion, at virtually every ethnicity that could take offense to something, at the relationship between atheists and religious people, and at morality in general.


But whereas other animated films, like Zootopia, create obvious political commentary so that babies can understand it, Sausage Party makes their political commentary obvious so that you know for sure that they’re trying to be offensive.




For instance, there is a Jewish bagel and an Arab (Muslim) tortilla that eventually join the movie, and the tortilla immediately starts making comments about how the bun is a whore because she isn’t covered up. Do you get it? Because at this point, I’m pretty sure a five year old could get it.


And if you thought that was offensive, dear sweet heaven, the final act of the movie was so vile that I sank to my chair in disbelief at what I was seeing. <Spoiler… in case you were wondering> So I knew pretty much from the start that the sausage and bun were going to have intercourse by the end of the movie. What I didn’t realize was that the whole supermarket would break out into a massive sex party depicting acts such as the Jew bagel and the Arab tortilla having gay sex with each other, massive orgies, and the “black” box of grits raping a box of crackers. </Spoiler… in case you were wondering> Maybe if I was still an immature teenager I might think that this kind of stuff was funny, but as a grown man, it’s really not my cup of tea.


The reason they were able to get away with all of this, I’m assuming, is because it’s an animated movie. It’s not necessarily clever when a Native American speaks about how the white man took his land, but if you have a bottle of “fire water” talk about how his aisle was taken over by crackers, then somehow it seems a bit more clever (but not by much).





One of the things I was hoping that this movie would have was a humorous, real-life explanation for whenever food moved around. Like what do the humans actually see when the food is walking in real life? And even though that happens sometimes, there were quite a few scenes that just ignore these explanations in hopes to make some sort of joke that, in my opinion, was never worth it.


Also, I realize that because this is a Seth Rogan movie, certain characters have to smoke weed, but honestly, seeing a bunch of food smoke the ever-worshiped plant was the only gag that truly felt excruciatingly out of place.


The animation in this movie is pretty good. I’m not necessarily a stickler for animation; I just want it to look decent. This movie delivered. The soundtrack was also pretty okay, and I can’t remember one song that was unfitting or obnoxious.


Basically, the only thing this movie truly has to offer is vulgarity (and I guess commentary about the virtues of atheism). I realize that there is a market for this, so go see it if it looks like your thing. As for me, I did not really enjoy this movie. If it was just the constant stream of unwarranted offensiveness that I didn’t like, then I would probably give this movie a 6 or 7, but with the film’s lack of subtlety, self-restraint, and the last scene with the orgy, I really cannot say that I can recommend this as good story telling, not in good conscience at least.

4 out of 10