Review: Morgan

I once dated a girl named Morgan; the only reason I bring this up is because, by humorous coincidence, our relationship is the perfect metaphor for Morgan the movie: a somewhat promising beginning only to completely fall apart shortly afterwards.


Morgan can be cut into two different parts (the movie, mind you. Not my ex). The first part throws a lot of different information that seems promising, only to be followed by the second part which throws logic, development, and general story completely out the window.


During the first half, you can tell that there are individual sparks of inspiration: a human symbiote that has emotional cognitive skills, a group of scientists that have grown an emotional bond to the creature, and a female outsider who comes in to try to figure out if the creature is too dangerous to let live. At the very beginning, they establish some generally interesting characters with interesting dynamics.

Unfortunately, none of these established dynamics ever pay off into something that is memorable.


The cinematography for the most part is unexceptional. There are some times where they irritatingly show flashbacks to give context that wasn’t needed. However, there was an interesting trick they did whenever Morgan was talking to somebody behind the glass.




Whenever Morgan talks to someone, you’re on one side of the glass watching the conversation,  and you see a reflection of said person that seems to be staring directly back at them the same way Morgan is. At first I guessed that it was metaphorical to a theme they would establish later on. Maybe it signifies that Morgan is trying to imitate humanity? Maybe it’s symbolic as to the ugliness that can be found in all humanity?

Nope. Just like everything else in this stupid movie, it amounts to nothing; it was just put in the movie to look cool.




By the time they reach the second half of the movie, Morgan escapes from her cell. Once this happens, the movie quickly dissipates into total nonsense.


As soon as Morgan escapes, every single character comes down with a bad case of the stupid. Now, there’s a certain amount of stupidity that I can tolerate from characters in a film because humans themselves are stupid and prone to failure and bad decisions. Heck, there’s some stupid decisions made in Don’t Breathe (a movie that I liked), but there wasn’t so much stupidity that it ceased to become believable. However, in Morgan, all of these people are freaking scientists, so when these scientists make some of the stupidest decisions and suddenly become the absolute worst communicators in the world, I could not help but become completely disinterested and uninvested in this movie.

Heck, I was coming up with some easy solutions to the problems at hand, and I’m just some dumb schmuck who rants about movies.


They also have a lot of fighting sequences, but because of the general stupidness, and because the fight sequences were mostly a bunch of quick cuts and shaky cam, I was so bored watching them. It’s like this movie didn’t realize that fight sequences are only interesting if you can identify the emotionality within the fighting sequences.




And holy crap, the big reveal at the end was the dumbest thing in the entire world. When they first revealed this twist, I thought it was stupid, but as I was driving home, I realized that it completely dissembled the entire story. Now there’s been other 2016 movies with twists that people have found to be dumb (like say The Boy or 10 Cloverfield Lane), but unlike those other movies, Morgan has NOTHING to stand behind.


Morgan is a bunch of slightly interesting ideas that never pay off, only to be followed by a second half that is an exercise in the mundane and the pointless. There’s really no reason to watch Morgan whatsoever.

4 out of 10