Conversations About Movies: Videogame Movies (with The Casual Hour) (Podcast)

There is not a single video game movie in existence that a majority of people think are good. Sure, I thought Warcraft was good, but I appear to be in the minority.


There are, however, a vast array of video game movies that a large majority thinks are terrible. Among them, is Assassin’s Creed, a movie that made the number 14 spot on my Worst Movies of 2016.


Recently, Johnny, Bobby, and Chase (in that order, from what I’ve been led to believe) of The Casual Hour sat down with me and talked about video game based movies and why they never work.

We also talked about a plethora of other things including video games (but especially SuperHot), how I began this whole movie blog, Chase’s and my mutual love of Fire Emblem, and Cici’s Pizza… and they reveal my work nickname at the beginning of the podcast as well.


Added here is a link to our conversation. You can also download the episode on iTunes


The Casual Hour is a conversational podcast about video games and three dudes who casually play them. If you enjoy video games, definitely give their podcast a listen.

If you do not enjoy video games, listen to this episode anyway, because I’m in it.


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