Review: Logan

Considering this is the last Hugh-Jackman-is-Wolverine movie, I wonder who is inevitably going to be recasted as him in upcoming X-Men movies. Then again, Days of Future Past was supposed to be the last Patrick-Stewart-is-Xavier movie, but look how that turned out.


Logan itself is a rather fantastic movie. Assuming you love super hero movies and you’re not afraid of gory violence, then you should see it as soon as you can.


Now that they are able to work with an R rating, I was wondering whether or not they would use this opportunity to make a more mature, enriching story or if they were going to just use it to add a bunch of f-bombs and bloody, brutal battles. The answer is both, but there was definitely a stronger emphasis on using profanity and violence. Shoot, the very first scene of the movie sets that tone extremely quick.

This brutal violence is definitely a refreshing pace because many of the new super hero films are starting to feel like they have training wheels on. However, I wish they were just as enthusiastic about making a compelling, worthwhile story as they were about blood and saying the word “fuck”.


Hugh Jackman delivers a fantastic performance in this movie, and this is easily his best performance as Wolverine. This is mainly due to two factors: he actually has some crippling flaws in this film, and his chemistry with the just-as-damaged Xavier was extremely interesting and new.



Logan-Trailer-Daughter.jpgThe girl, Dafne Keen, was definitely good as a child performer. When her character is introduced, and she doesn’t utter a single line of dialogue, I was afraid that it was because they chose a child that was a crap performer. However, the longer the movie goes along, the more Keen gets multiple opportunities to excel.


AS for the villains in this movie, there’s really not much to talk about. Yeah they’re evil, and yes they’re slightly more layered than your standard, typical, blockbuster villains, but it was pretty easy to see that they were more considered as catalysts to get Logan and the gang to move to their destination rather than characters worthy of development.




The action and violence in this film is top notch and eye-catching. There were multiple times where I was shocked by how brutal some of the kills were. In many ways, this was the Wolverine film that everybody was wanting.


It’s a shame, however, that we had to wait until Logan is basically a grandpa before we get this type of violent movie. Don’t get me wrong, the utter flaws and failings of both Logan and Charles Xavier were by far the most riveting part of this film. But because Wolverine is a killer, and because this is a rated R super hero movie, there has to be violence, and Logan’s deterioration and his slaughtering capabilities often contradicted each other. There were times when the movie emphasized his old age and lack of health, and then mere minutes later, he’s killing things rather easily. There were times when he was regenerating his body, and then shortly afterwards, the movie emphasized the fact that his regenerative abilities are going down the drain.

Oftentimes, how great his regenerative abilities dictated how accurate the bad guys were at shooting at him. There were times where the good guys were, by all stretches of the imagination, as good as dead, but the bad guys suddenly became laughably bad at aiming their guns. Then during the times that Logan is at his best, and then the bad guys hit him with every bullet rather easily.




With all this said, this was still a fantastic movie. I enjoyed all of the action and carnage, I especially enjoyed the new developments with Logan and Charles, and I enjoyed the maturity of this film. For all of its flaws, Logan is still probably one of the best super hero movies out there.


There are some people who are eagerly calling this “the best super hero movie since The Dark Knight”, and in my opinion that is being extremely generous; The Dark Knight is easily better than Logan when looked at as a whole. Despite this, you would be an absolute fool not to see it.

7 out of 10