I’m taking a break, guys. (Also some quick thoughts on Pirates 5)

I just wanted to write this just in case anybody was wondering where I’ve been lately. The answer is that I’ve lost the heart to do reviews anymore.


I started noticing this was a problem as I was watching the Alien movies; I noticed that even though I was picking up on things, I was really un-opinionated about it. I had every intention of writing a review for every Alien movie I saw, but then eventually just condensed it all into one article.

But then when I watched the new Pirates movies, even though I still picked up on some things, I was extremely unwilling to put my thoughts to paper, as if doing it would just be a chore. I figured there was a problem before, but after this, I knew there was one.


By the way, here’s a quick review of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5:

It was stupid, but I had a lot of fun. Jack Sparrow as a character is a husk of what he used to be, and most of the new characters were meh. I love Javier Bardem, but he was just okay in this movie, and him constantly saying “JACK-A SPAAAAROW” got on my nerves.

But it was a stupid fun movie, and I enjoyed it despite the bad dialogue, the over-the-top ridiculous and laughable action, and the unimpressive characters.

4 out of 10.


So what is the cause of my fatigue? There’s a few things.
— The biggest thing is that I got a second job. Reviewing movies was really fun, but it wasn’t giving me any monetary value. If anything, paying for so many movies was giving me a drastic loss, even if where I live only charges me $5-$7.50 per ticket.

And at the end of the day, my passion is to provide for me and my wife, so even though having a second job took away more of my free time and my energy, I’m happier making money for both of us…. but I’m emotionally and mentally drained all the time now, and that’s bad if you want to focus on films.


— The second reason is that I was becoming extremely discouraged. My readership was going down. My Facebook readership has all but evaporated except for when I reviewed REALLY popular movies, but I was noticing that my opinions and my writing style was not attracting new viewers, and I started becoming afraid that I was alienating people that decided that I wasn’t interesting or correct, but chose to just not tune in instead of conversing with me about them.


So that’s basically it, guys. I have less energy, less time, and less viewers, and all this made me really depressed and uninterested whenever I thought about writing about movies.

Maybe I might re-pick it up eventually, and I will likely still post reviews about really popular movies once or twice a month, but until I get out of this terrible funk, I gotta take a break for my own sanity.


I’m really sorry guys. I know there’s a lot of people that came up to me and have complimented my reviews, and I know there’s a handful of you who care. I’m sorry if I disappointed you with this.


— Steve J Donahue