Review: It Comes at Night

After about a week of not seeing any movies, I think I might be out of the funk I was in. I’ll just have to see, but I think I might start reviewing again.


In any case, I saw It Comes at Night last night, and it will likely be the third horror film that will make my Best of the Year list. It is bone-chilling suspense throughout the entire movie.



Everybody casted does a great job in their performance, but that especially goes for Joel Edgerton and Kelvin Harrison Jr.. Each performance consistently complimented the movie’s uneasy tone. The performances aren’t necessarily dynamic, but their roles were fitting for this movie.


There’s a child actor in the film too, and it was refreshing to see a director know the limits of a child performer’s capabilities, because he is used sparingly and in a way that never makes him look like a bad performer.


The film is impeccably shot, and nearly every scene in the movie consistently allowed for the tension to build up. The lighting, the cinematography, the attention to detail, every single element of this movie is utilized fantastically. The soundtrack was also great despite the fact that music is rarely used.



It is extraordinarily unnerving to watch, and the series of events is often disturbing. The movie subtly emphasizes how paranoia can seep into a group of people and how it can cause excruciating unease in one’s life. It also speaks to how one’s current environment can completely alter one’s psyche.


There are a few dream sequences in the movie, some of them complete with jump scares, and this would irritate me if it wasn’t so key to the theme of the movie. I would elaborate on this more, but this is a great film, so I’m not going to spoil anything.

Also, if you haven’t seen any trailers for It Comes at Night, don’t start. I only saw trailer 1 before I saw the actual movie in theaters, but my brother showed me trailer 2 after we got home, and not only does it spoil a great deal of the movie for you, but it would have given me completely unrealistic expectations for what kind of film it is. If you have seen multiple trailers for this movie, it would be my absolute recommendation that you try your best to forget them entirely.




That’s about all I have to say about this movie. It’s a fantastic film that doesn’t quite fit into the horror genre but doesn’t quite fit into the suspense genre either; it is somewhere in the middle.

If somewhat slow movies aren’t your thing, and if movies that make you feel terrible aren’t your thing, then I wouldn’t recommend this film. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic piece of cinematic excellence that I cannot recommend enough.

8 out of 10