Conversations About Movies: Black Panther w/ Backseat Directors

So I had the privilege of being in a podcast called Backseat Directors with the very great André Hutchens. I was lucky enough to score the episode where we talked about Black Panther, but honestly, I had so much fun talking with André that I’d probably go on for nearly any film.

I decided to listen to the entire 90-ish minute podcast before posting this (just in case the two of us were boring as all get-out), and surprisingly the entire episode was a very good listen, and I’m pretty freaking insightful, guys… André was good too.

We talked about some of my favorite movies, how I got into reviewing, and then we talk about our collective thoughts about Black Panther, Marvel, and Disney (and of course, I took a few jabs at The Last Jedi).


If you want to listen to our conversation, access the Backseat Director’s Podbean here

…or you could always go to iTunes and download it there.



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